Bethany Bourgeois-George is an American entrepreneur, author, investor, and philanthropist. Born and raised in a small Louisiana town, She is best known for co-founding Getting Grown, LLC, as well as writing several renowned publications, including her exotic novel, Mirror...Mirror. 


In 2003, Bourgeois-George began her College education in the field of Political science/ Pre-law; later switching her studies with pretensions of healthcare focused academics. She obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in the field of Nursing and later moved to Austin, Texas, where she worked as a registered nurse for nearly 10 years before deciding to leave the field. Her areas of specialty included: Oncology, Palliative Care, Hemodialysis, Medical Policy Development, and Utilization Review Management. It was during this time that Bethany wrote her first fiction novel released in 2009, while coming to the realization that although she found joy in the alacrity of caring for others, there was no longer a passion or desire to continue down her current career path.


In 2017, Bethany decided to retire from her nursing career and put more devotion on what spoke to her soul- Entrepreneurship. It was during this time that she and her husband co-founded Getting Grown, LLC. Not without delays, Getting Grown was launched as a mobile application in September 2020 with an overall mission of being the first company to provide introductory financial education to both kids and adults in the form of a game. This would assist in the prevention of children everywhere growing into adulthood with no clear understanding of financial intelligence or career path volition.


In 2019, Bethany moved to Vancouver, British Columbia with spouse, Sheldon Rosenthal George where she currently resides. She attributes Sheldon and her mother as her two greatest supporters. In her free time, Bourgeois-George enjoys art, fine dining, world travel, philanthropy, and biking.

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